03 July 2012

Bump in road

This was yesterday. From the minute I woke up all I wanted was meat. That's all. When I went to make breakfast the thought of facing another bowl of my 10-grain cereal just made me gag. So, trying to appease the demons, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast. That was good but not good enough. For lunch I had a Kashi frozen meal with chicken. That too was good - actually, very good for a frozen meal - but still not good enough. For dinner we had pork stir-fry. Again, good but not good enough. After dinner I actually ran to the store and got giant Drumstick ice cream cones for dessert. That seemed to do it. I went to bed satisfied but far, far from stuffed. I awoke this morning with a, somewhat, strengthened resolve to continue on the vegan path. I'm not sure what yesterday was exactly; boredom, cravings, true hunger for meat; I don't know. But I do know that while I ate what I wanted I kept it within reason and did not binge in any way. So that was good.

I didn't workout yesterday either and I'm not sure exactly why. I have been very lazy since Friday - my first real day of summer - and it's possible I was still decompressing from school. I usually take a couple of days to completely relax and recharge, so that may have been it. Today though, I am working out. I will be doing a strength workout here at home then going for a run. I don't feel like going to the gym so why force it. It's more important to get the workout in then to go to the gym just because I'm paying for it.

So, blowing off yesterday and starting over. That's where I'm at today.

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