06 July 2012

Where has it gone???

My motivation and drive that is... Actually, this is completely typical for me. I ended summer school last Thursday. For a couple of days I was gung-ho and active. Then I started to slack. And slack some more. Then I started to get bored. The 4th of July was the longest day on record and yesterday I was just bored. Plain old bored all day. This is the pattern I follow. If I'm not busy, I'm bored. I have things to do, things I need to do desperately, but if I get bored forget it. Before summer school ended, I kept telling myself I need to have a schedule. If I have a schedule I will, generally, stick to it and not find myself navel gazing. But it has to be a schedule I can live with, not something unreasonable. Like an annuity schedule. But I didn't make one and so yesterday ended up being a miserable day. I completely see why people who stay home all the time are crazy. If you don't get out in the world and interact with other people you really can lose your mind. Humans were not meant to be solitary creatures. Also, on Tuesday I did a Tabata workout and really couldn't walk very well on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm feeling better today so I'm going to do it again. Although I like feeling my muscles, I hate being that sore. So here is my schedule for today:

  • Tabata workout
  • Thesis for at least 2 hours
  • Ride to the mall and cruise for a while
  • Gym for a run
  • Walk the dogs
That should keep me from getting bored and insane. Maybe I'll even treat myself to lunch at Subway. Woo Hoo!!!!!

UPDATE: When I published this post I always go to look at it to make sure it looks okay. Up in the corner I have daily quotes and the quote today is "The soul's joy lies in doing." Now how perfect is that?????

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