07 October 2012

Paleo Diet

It's funny how things happen. I've been working on my diet for years - and not in the trying to cut calories way. In trying to make my body work right and feel good way. I've been working towards removing processed foods from my diet. It's been a little difficult but not impossible. I can now count on one hand how many processed foods I eat on most days.

Then last month I started Crossfit. Love the workout, love it. Turns out Crossfit is a big proponent of the Paleo Diet. I agree with the concepts of the Paleo diet. We really are cavemen. Our bodies have not evolved as rapidly as our technology has. As a result we are eating processed foods that I really believe our bodies don't recognize as food. So while I agree with the philosophy I have never really investigated it.

On Saturday my box had a Paleo workshop. I wanted to go but after my workout Saturday morning I ended up falling asleep on the couch and missing it. But since I was really interested I did some investigation on the Internet. What I found was that I pretty much have been heading towards a Paleo diet. Above is a graphic that pretty much sums it up.  Avoid dairy, grains, processed foods - all things I've been working on getting out of my diet. The legumes stumped me a little but I'm not a huge of beans so that should not be too much of problem.

So a diet focused on meat, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and some healthy fats. That is what I have been trying to do so it seems like the perfect fit.  I did some web surfing and found some good recipes, I even tried two of them today. I made my own mayonnaise - huh!! Who would of thunk it??  I also made some acorn squash and bacon patties for dinner. They were pretty good.  Tomorrow I'm going to roast some veggies, I got black radishes at Whole Foods, and using my Paleo mayo to make some Paleo ranch dressing.  The condiments were the things I was struggling with so hopefully these things will work out.  I was surprised how easy the mayo was.  A couple of eggs and some oil in my food processor. Amazing.

So I'm working on recipe this week while I'm home and I'm going to come up with some I can make on the weekends and take for lunches. I'm stoked. I just need to not get crazy with it. I can do that....

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