07 October 2012

Weird ads

I have been looking at a lot of ads and motivational things on the internet lately and let me tell you - some of them are just plain weird. I realize this one is old but babies drinking cola?? Really??? That doesn't seem smart not matter when this came out.

This one I remember so it's not that old. Of course, now that we know better, all cigarette ads are stupid.

Okay, this is weird. They used similar scare tactics during the Gulf war. If you drove a gas guzzler you were supporting Al Queda. Some things never change.

This one is just plain weird. I'm assuming there was a problem with underweight people and they were trying to fatten them up. But without context it is just plain bizarre. I ran across an ad the other day that said you live in Hawaii check out:
carpet cleaning chapel hill nc. Ummm, okay. If I'm in Hawaii why would I be interested in carpet cleaning in chapel hill??? I don't know. I just enjoy reading ads and finding strange things.

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