13 October 2012

Some more thoughts

People who have never had a weight problem will probably never understand this, but this is what happened last night to me. Prior to last nights workout I felt like I had been phoning in my workouts. I left there sweaty and tired but the sweat was due mostly to the humidity and the tired was because any type of activity tires me out in that heat. Not that I was working out, I just was not giving it my best effort. Wednesday's workout I think I miscounted a couple of sets and didn't do quite as many reps as I should have. On Wednesday I let that slide, but normally - when in beast mode - I would have done some extra just to make sure I got all my reps in. But up until last night, the little voice inside my head telling me this was hard was winning. Last night I finally beat it into submission. It's not beaten for good. This is a battle I will have to fight every so often, but I have definitely one the most important skirmish. There will be a point when I win the war, but that may take awhile. Now at least I know I'm up for the fight.

All I could think of all night was running this morning. I just ate something so that I can run in about 30 minutes or so. Once I got over myself last night I realized that my legs felt good running. Strong and steady. I want to feel that again. So this morning it's a run. Then I have to work on some Marine Science. I got Chemistry all set up for the rest of the semester, I need to do the same for Marine Science. I also need to make some presentations for both classes. After that it's taking it easy. I plan on getting rest these next 2 days since it's back to school on Monday. I am really feeling the creative juices flowing again. I may even look up some fender electric guitars at musicians friend. I want to learn to play and now I kind of have the time. Not really, but sort of.

The birds are absolutely driving me crazy this morning. All week they've been pretty good, but this morning they are driving me nuts. Maybe it's me.....maybe it's them....who knows....

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