25 December 2012


On to more upbeat things..... My goals for 2013..... Side note: This used to be my thing. New beginnings, looking forward to making goals and achieving them, working towards something. When my whole why bother attitude over came me I let all that go by the wayside and just let life drag me along. No more. I am back in control and plan to take the drivers seat.

So 2013... What is going to happen this year.... A number of things.

  • I'm going to get back into running. I've already started and need to continue and push myself. 
  • I'm going to continue Crossfit and the Paleo diet, they both make me feel too good to stop, 
  • I'm going to gain control of the finances again.  Another thing I've let kind of take care of itself. No more. 
  • I'm going to pursue interests I enjoy; cooking, photography, crafts.Maybe I'll even download mp3 audio books like I used to.  I will do things that make me happy. 
That is really about it. I have started on a good journey and I want to continue on it. I need to take control of some things I've let slip and get back to my happy place. 

Here is to an awesome 2013.

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