26 December 2012

The 5 days of eating are over

It started on Friday night with a dinner out with friends. Continued on Saturday with a wedding lunch. Took a break on Sunday, but picked up again on Monday with a lunch out with friends and an evening Christmas party. Then ended yesterday with Christmas itself. When I was getting ready for bed last night I said to myself, that's it, I am done eating junk. Woke up this morning with a great attitude and ready to get back on track.

I laid out some of my 2013 goals yesterday and I actually have a few more. All of my goals this year revolve around doing what makes me happy. Crossfit and paleo make me happy so I'll be doing it. Getting my finances in order, make me happy. Being focused and organized make me happy.

Starting today though I'm going to wean myself off some of the restricted paleo stuff. For example, dairy. I've been drinking full fat milk but once what I have is gone - no more. No more dairy. I've also been fudging on some of the condiments, well that all stops too. I'm going to get stricter and stricter as time goes by so that by January 15th - when the next paleo challenge starts - I'll be living at level 10 and totally ready to rock that challenge.

I feel very energetic and optimistic today. I think just the act of having a plan helps pick one up and gives things a good spin. I'm off to get ready to run.

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