17 December 2012

Food, fat, and calories

Something I have said for years, without any scientific data to back me up, is that your body does not hold on to what it gets regularly. This first occurred to me with water. If you don't drink enough water, your body starts to retain water and you get that bloated feeling. That's not the only reason you get that bloated feeling, but it's one of them. I can always tell when I'm not drinking enough water because of that puffy feeling. I can also tell when I'm drinking enough and it's not there. It's almost like your body can tell if you're drinking enough water. If you aren't it holds onto it because it doesn't know when it will get more. Hmmmmmmm.....

Then a few years ago I noticed a friend who would end every run with salt all over her. You could see it on her arms and legs. I also knew for a fact that this friend put salt on everything. Every. Thing. At the same time I noticed that friends who stayed away from salt did not have that after a run and, in fact, usually had to take salt pills or else their electrolytes would get all screwed up. It's almost like their bodies knew they didn't eat much salt and therefore held onto it. While my other friend, who salted everything, her body didn't need to hold on to it because it knew it was going to get more. Interesting.

Recently I'm thinking that it's the same way with fat. Your body needs fat. It needs it to run your brain and some other organs. It also needs it to keep everything lubricated. It most definitely needs it. But it needs good fats. Not man-made, hydrogenated crap. It needs eggs and meat and nuts, etc. It needs good fats to function properly. And I think that if you give your body good fats it will not hold on to fat but let it go. Possible????

The Paleo diet includes a lot of good fats and I am consistently losing weight. I'm down 2 more pounds. I find it amazing that I'm eating things I've been told for years I shouldn't, and yet I'm losing weight. Good food and consistent exercise and I'm losing weight consistently. Wow, who would have thought??

I really think that the diet industry, and it is an industry do not doubt it, is leading the American people seriously astray. I don't know how to combat it or what to do about it, but I know I'm feeling better then I have in years and I'm never going back.

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