26 December 2012

Workout records

One thing that has always worked for me is recording my workouts. I am extremely competitive with myself and keeping track of what I do plays into that. Also, I don't realize when I'm improving so this shows me I really am making progress.

Right now though, I have no real workout journal. Crossfit gives us a composition notebook that we keep there to record what we do and I bought this cool new one for home for the new year. But right now, only my monthly calendar has my workouts and, since space is limited, not much detail. So I think I'll log my last few workouts of the year here until I start my cool new journal.

Today I ran:

2.7 miles in 45 minutes. Not far and not fast, but I ran the vast majority of it. I did have to stop a couple of times and hit the rest room. Seems my 5 days of gluttony are getting me back. But otherwise I mostly ran. Start with a 3 minute walk at 2-3mph. Then ran 4mph until 1.7 miles. Then 4.2mph, 4.4mph, 4.5mph, 5.0mph for the last tenth of a mile. Felt good and not too much of a strain. Felt good and strong. I love it.

Now it's off to the showers, then some breakfast, then some errands....

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