12 January 2013

One week down

The first week back is always the hardest. Getting back into routines and all. Things will start to settle down next week. Routines and procedures will start to fall back into place and life will be good again. But this week was tough.

Some really good things happened this week though. I got invited to speak at the catholic schools conference that coming up at the end of the month. That's an honor. I got accepted into a PhD program. I was really on the fence about this, waffling back and forth about whether I really wanted to do it. But once I got accepted I was excited and realized I did want to do it. My goal since I went to school was to get my PhD, and that was always at the back of my mind. So I'm excited and I start in March. That will be exciting. I was reading last night and it says it can be done in 8-10 quarters. That's only 2-2.5 years. I wonder if it can be done that quickly. That would be great if it could, I'm thinking more like 3-4 years though. I even have an idea for my dissertation already - the roadblocks to getting technology into the classroom. That is a topic I can wrap my head around and I'm very excited about it.

In health and fitness news, I am trying to get back on my regular workout routine. I went to Crossfit Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I took off on Thursday - my normal day off - but then took Friday off also because I had to go check in for the new Paleo challenge. That challenge starts on Tuesday. I got weighed and measured and the really good news is that I stayed the same. I ended the November paleo challenge at 184 and that's right where I was last night. And, I don't even think that is completely true because I was peeing like a race horse last night, 4 times in 2 hours, and I ate a bunch of fruit right before I weighed in. So truthfully I think it was probably down a pound or two but that's okay. I really am happy just staying the same. That means I stayed the same for over 1 month. Woot.... The coach was telling me that another girl had gained almost 7 pounds. I'm glad that wasn't me. So it's back to the box today and prepping for this challenge this weekend. I really want to rock this challenge out. I have a goal of losing 15 pounds in 45 days. That's 1/3 pound a day and totally doable.

Now it's time to get ready to kick it. I'm going to really kick some butt on this challenge. I can't wait.

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