30 March 2013

Reflections on the games

Today was week 4 of the games. That means there is only 1 more week left in the Open. That makes me kind of sad. This has been a unique experience in many, many ways.

First, there is just the competition. When I initially heard about the open I dismissed it. I was not in any physical shape to try and compete with anyone. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. I've been Crossfitting for 7 months and I've made huge strides in that time. I was thinking I'd be in better shape next year, but then decided to a) see how I stack up against the rest of the old ladies and b) have something to compare next year to. So I signed up.

Second, and probably most important, is the camaraderie. Our box does the WOD in waves, someone works out someone scores, so there is a lot of cheering and pushing people on. It's amazing. Then, after all the members are done, the coaches do theirs and most everyone hangs around to watch and cheer them on. It's so amazing, so supportative and just a great place to be. As I was watching the coaches today do 13.4, the music was blasting, the cheering and encouragement was deafening, it was absolutely amazing. I realized why I enjoy Crossfit so much. Not only is it a great, brutal workout, but this camaraderie makes all the difference in the world. Tuesday night I was really positive I was not going to finish the WOD, but they wouldn't let me stop. They stayed and kept cheering me on until I was finished. It was awesome. You never get that in a gym. No one applauds you for finishing your treadmill. Never..... And the really good athletes are genuinely happy when someone like me does something for the first time. During today's WOD I got a move for the first time and managed to do 7 of them and everyone was happy for me. It was so awesome.

So next week is the last WOD of the open and it's kind of sad to see it go. I will most definitely be looking forward to next year and working on improving while I wait.

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