13 July 2013

Feeling Good

Thursday was a little rough, the back was pretty achy all day. I ended up using my Cryoderm 3 or 4 times and taking ibuprofen a couple of times. I went to bed Thursday night and it was still sore, but woke up Friday morning feeling awesome. Little tweaks if I moved a certain way, but overall great. Only used the Cryoderm once yesterday and no ibuprofen at all. This morning it feels pretty good too. Going to go to Crossfit this morning, but if I have the slightest problem, I'm stopping.

This afternoon I have a Paleo challenge. I spent most of the day yesterday shopping and cooking. After I got everything done, I started second guessing myself. Is it good enough? Will they like it? Does it look okay? Screw that. I've been second guessing myself my whole life and I'm tired of it. The things I do are good. People like the things I do. I'm the only one who questions it. So, in spite of the fact that I want to drop out at the last minute, I'm going. I'm going to present my food and they will either like it or they won't. I can't control that. I like it and that's all that really matters.

I had wanted to do some work around the house over the summer. I had hoped to get a new couch and paint the living room. That didn't happen. I was hoping to replace some hardware too. We have a whole in the back screen door and the dogs use it as a doggie door. I was thinking of getting a couple of wing knobs for each side of the door and teaching the dogs how to open the door with them. Then we could replace the screen and maybe not have as many flies in the house as we have had lately???

The worse part of today? The realization that there is only 2 more weeks left of summer :(

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