17 September 2013

A New Start

I love new starts. Especially when I am motivated and willing to really work at it. Over the weekend I read someone who has lost a lot of weight say that motivation doesn't last but habits do. That was something I had forgotten. I am starting this week setting up the habits I want to have. First one? Get up in the morning and workout. I have been saying foe months that I want to start running again but I have not done anything to make that happen. So starting today, I get up in the mornings and run. Well, this morning it was a walk but it's the habit that counts and I will be running in no time.

Another habit I want, a Crossfit schedule. I was going to Crossfit regularly - on a schedule - and was doing great. Once I started to switch things up, I would miss a day or two, once or twice a week, not good. Consistency is the key. And habit. I need to have the habit when the motivation fades.

One more habit? Food. I need to get in the habit of not eating junk. I had that habit for awhile and not only did I lose weight but I felt awesome. Time to feel awesome again.

So today is a new start. I'm happy and excited and going to ride the motivation wave until the habits are set.

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