15 October 2013

Small changes

I've been really struggling with the food thing. I had off last week for fall break and did pretty well on food. I really thought I was making progress. Then yesterday, the first day back, I come home and eat like there is no tomorrow. There was lots of Korean food and 3 - count em 3 - apple turnovers. I was completely stuffed and woke up this morning feeling like crap. I had some intestinal distress and it was not fun. I ate well the rest of the day and am slowly feeling better. Well, except for the dried fruit on the way home. But if that is the worse thing I eat today I will be happy. Breakfast was eggs and bacon. Lunch was chicken breast and veggies. Dinner was meatballs and avocado. Add the dried fruit in and that's all I ate all day. Not bad. Still not feeling fabulous, but definitely on the way to better.

I need to get a handle on this eating thing. I do go and then spiral out of control in the most spectacular fashion. I'm not sure what is behind it. I used to eat when I felt left out or if things weren't the way I wanted them to be. Wait, I think I just figured it out. I was very upset about the collaboration paper I had to do over the weekend. The paper I submitted is going to be different from the others. It was really bugging me yesterday. I've gotten over it because what's done is done. I can't pull the paper back so what is is. Plus I figured out, even if I get a 70% I will still have a B in the class and the possibility of making it up before things are done. So now I'm resigned to it, but yesterday I was upset. That could have been what set it off. Well, that and that Hubby brought the food home. I need to stop feeding my emotions. I've actually gotten pretty good at not feeding them, but when something sneaks in - like yesterday - it catches me unawares. I have got to stop this.

I also need to get back to walking in the morning. No reason not to do it tomorrow. I want to run. I was supposed to start running again this month. Then my knee started acting up. It has been a week now and it hasn't really swelled up. Time to put it to the test. I will get up in the morning and walk for 15-20 minutes. It's not much but it's a start.

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