29 December 2013

Time for action

For the last couple of days I have been very, very inactive. I'm not sure exactly why, though I have some ideas. First is my knee. Honestly, I really thought a trip to the doc would result in limiting my activities and some physical therapy. I thought I would have 3 or 4 months and then I would be good as new again. I really, really believed that. I didn't know exactly how much I believed that until I found out that was not the case. So that does have me down. Also, I'm dealing with a bit of a head cold. It's not serious, but it sure sucks to be sick on break. Finally, there is that general inertia. I have a bunch of stuff to do but with all these things on my mind, nothing is happening. Nothing. So I really, really need to just do something!!! I did start working on my paper today, that's a good thing. I'm taking break right now and I'm going to sew for a little bit. I love sewing and that is something that frees my mind for other things. Maybe the paper will resolve itself while I'm sewing. Stranger things have happened. Anyway, I'm off to do something.

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