18 January 2014

Energy getting better

Still tired today, but not that complete exhaustion. Even doing a WOD and an hour of yoga and still feel pretty good. This is so much better. That complete exhaustion is horrible. I did take a nap today, I mean it is Saturday after all.

On Thursday I got a Fitbit Flex

I had

I had an original Fitbit when they first came out and used it for a long time. I decided to get this one because, in spite of the nutrition challenge, I don't move enough. Yet I use my movement to justify what I eat. Bull. So I will wear it and use the data appropriately. Unfortunately, the website is based on the faulty premise of calories in, calories out. I think by now, most of the world knows that is not true. You can not exercise yourself out of a bad diet, no matter how many calories you expend. It is much more about what you eat than how much. But, until the mainstream gets with the program, I will have to suffer with the calories in/calories out nonsense. But, being on Paleo, I eat good, whole foods and the calories seem to work out fine. If I look at the percentages, it is so very different from when I was on Weight Watchers. Most of my calories come from fat, followed by protein, with carbs bringing up the distant rear. So very, very different. But I'm rarely hungry. I feel full for a whole lot longer. When I do get hungry I don't get that empty, hollow feeling. I just get hungry and know it's time to eat. Also, if I don't eat right away I do not go into a sugar crash. That is amazing.

So things are getting better and will continue to get better. I was reading today about eating liver. I hate liver but the benefits from it are amazing. There is apparently a way to eat it raw and I am considering it. I would love to feel some of those benefits and if it is not as bad raw, I'll try it. Tomorrow it's off to Whole Foods for some grass fed, raw liver. I'll let you know how it goes.

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