05 January 2014

I do this every time

I wait until the last minute to do my school work. Why? Why do I do this? I just had 2 weeks off. Do you think I did anything in advance? NO!!! I had a paper due today and I started working on it Friday. That was early for me. Well, I'm changing that. I said my only resolution this year was to get healthy. I lied. My other resolution is to not procrastinate so damn much! I am going to take one hour every night and do some school work. It may be to just read a bit, or do a little research, or do like I did on Friday. I sat down, took the topics I had to cover and just wrote out what I thought. Then I did some research to back up what I thought. Today I sat and polished it up. I think it came out pretty good. And it wasn't that difficult. If I took one hour every night and did a little bit, by the time the weekend rolled around I would have the outline done and be ready to fill it in. So that is my game plan and it starts tonight - No night off because I just finished a paper. NO!!! If I have time to play stupid computer games and watch mindless TV, I have time to work on school work. Also, much of this can be done sitting in front of the TV. On Friday I sat in the living room and the TV was on the entire time and I got a boatload of work done. So that starts tonight.

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