31 January 2014

It is never easy

The last couple days have been up and down, good and bad. I've been really tired at night and dragging a little during the day. Not sure exactly why though. I have not been getting enough sleep. that is one is thing. I've been wearing my Fitbit to bed and it shows I'm only getting about 6.5 hours sleep a night. Time to step that up. I get up at 4:30 and there is no point really. I think I will move my wake up time back to 5, in bed by 9 boom 8 hours. So that will start happening. Of course, tomorrow I get to sleep in, so this will start on Monday. Another thing is, how do I put this delicately, my poop. I've been going a lot for the amount of food I'm eating. I wonder if it's being affected by the liver pills. I've been taking them all week. I don't feel any great difference yet, but I will give it at least a month, maybe two. You can not get anything in just a couple of days.

Okay, just killing some time before I have to leave for work. Today we have a meeting of all the catholic school teachers. Yeah. There is a mass and then a speaker. It's not so bad. I get to play shuttle bus driver for them. The parking is quite a ways away and I will be shuttling attendees back and forth. At least it will keep me working, I don't do well with unstructured downtime. Ha.... The best part of this is that we are done by 12:30. By the time I shuttle people back to their car and then drive everyone back to school, it should be 1:30ish and I will be done for the day. Head home and start my weekend. Woot!!!

Okay, time to get moving. I don't want to get to school too early, but I don't want a lot of traffic either. So I'm off.....

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I'm done

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