31 January 2014

Life, death, and Paleo

A friend passed away last night. It was a shock. This is a person I had breakfast with most days for the last 5 years. We weren't close, not at all. But we were friends, we talked a lot, we laughed, we shared our lives. She could be really annoying, but I'm sure she thought the same thing about me. Her passing is such a shock, I'm not sure I've processed it completely. I can not believe she is gone. She did not come back to school after Christmas break and we were told she was sick, but not how sick. I don't think anyone realized how truly sick she was. Her liver failed and there was nothing they could do. So sad. Such a waste. She just turned 60 over the summer and threw a big party to celebrate. We learned this today during a mass for Catholic schools week. Timing, huh? I will miss her. I hope she knew that I liked her. We would argue, but I hope she understood it was not because I didn't like her. I just hope she knew.......

That led to a lapse in Paleo today. Somehow what I ate just did not seem that important in the overall scheme of things. Also, life is so very short. So I broke paleo. Not a great reason, but a legitimate one. Tomorrow it will be back to it. But tonight, I get a break. I get to mourn the loss of a friend and I get to not think about food. Tomorrow I will pick myself up and move on....but I will always try to remember to not be so serious and to treasure all the moments because we never know when it will end.

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