15 March 2014

And the games continue

This weeks open WOD was deadlifts and box jumps. When I heard this on Thursday I was all YES!!! I can deadlift and I can box jump, I can totally do this workout. I was stoked. I took off on Thursday and Friday so that I would be fresh this morning. Being a master, I didn't do these weights. I started at 65 lbs, then 95 lbs, then 115 lbs, then 135 lbs. That is as far as I got but I was happy with that. I ended up with a total of 107 reps in the 8 mins. Totally cool beans. I'm pretty tired, even now 5 hours after. I pushed in that 8 minutes.

So I have a little bit of a secret dream and I don't know if I'm crazy or not. I would really like to train and become a competitor. I'm thinking I could do it because I am strong for my age. But do I have the determination? Hmmmmm....I'm considering giving it a try.

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Happy New Year

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