11 March 2014

Trust the process

Tonight at Crossfit the WOD was as follows:

AMRAP in 16 mins:

200 m run
6 one leg squats (each leg)
12 dumbbell snatches (each arm) 25#

On the surface, not too bad. But let's dig deeper. Running I suck at because of the pounding on the knee. Anything that has any kind of pounding it rough on my knee. So there's that. The one leg squat,this:

I can do on my left leg but not even close on my right leg. So I decided to work on building strength in both legs and go heavy (Rx) on the dumbbell snatches to get a workout in. In order to build my strength, I used a 20" one of these:

and used the form of a pistol but went really slow up and down. It really worked because after just a couple my legs were screaming.

Now in this 16 mins, I only got in 2 full rounds, a 200 m run, 6 squats on each leg, and 14 snatches. But my form was awesome. I was really working what needed to be worked. I felt really good doing it and when I was done. I know that I pushed myself with the snatches and I know that I built some strength with the box squats. I am just so happy with myself and so very, very glad I am finally learning to work my strengths and strengthen my weaknesses. I'm happy.

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