11 March 2014

Knowing yourself

Part of the journey to health is knowing yourself. After 54 years on the planet, I am finally getting to know myself really, really well. Tonight at Crossfit the WOD was as follows:

3 rounds for time:
5 hang power cleans
5 thrusters
25 push-ups

I saw that and thought and thought and thought about it. I can do hang power cleans and I can do thrusters. I can not do push-ups. Because of my shoulder, I have to do them on an elevated box. So looking at that WOD, I knew that the limiting factor was going to be the push-ups. I could not do real push-ups and doing them on the box was tough but not that tough. So I thought why don't I go heavy on the cleans and thrusters, and easy on the push-ups. So I did. I went 65# on the cleans and thrusters. That is heavy. Most of the women went a lot lighter. I struggled. But I did them and I got through the WOD without too much problem.

I'm finally learning my strengths and weaknesses and when to accept them or push them. It was a good night.

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