It was a good day

I always hear Flo from Progressive singing that.....Anyway, yesterday was good. Things went well. I kept my promises to myself, all except the treadmill walk. I did not keep that promise because I started a project that took up most of my time. Since the point of walking on the treadmill was to keep busy and not nap and since my project accomplished that, I consider it a promise kept. So yesterday was a good day and I am happy.

Today was also pretty good. Again, I did not do something I planned on doing, but I did do something else equally important so it is a wash in my book. It is amazing how success builds on success. Once I got control of one small area of my life, all the other things started to fall into place. I love that. It's weird too because when I feel that I don't have control, I feel like I don't know what to do or where to start. For example, my classes. When I feel like I have no control, I have such a difficult time doing my assignments. I would struggle and worry and not know where to start. Then, inevitably, I would sit for hours on Saturday working and struggling to get it done. Now, that I feel I have regained control of my life, I read little bits during the week and by the weekend I'm ready to do the assignment. It is amazing how a small change and literally change everything. Awesome.....


WatchMe Lose said…
Promises to ourselves are the easiest to break! Good for you!!

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