13 April 2014

Today will be........

Awesome, amazing, fantastic, productive, etc......... I have some new found knowledge and understanding and I plan to use it....Today.... I am going to make a couple of promises to myself, not too many, and I am going to follow through on them and I am going to empower myself. My promises are as follows:

  • Complete two class assignments
  • Do laundry
  • Vacuum/Sweep/Mop the floors
  • Iron my clothes for the week
  • Look at some breakfast casserole recipes for something different for breakfast
  • Do my PT exercises
  • Walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes while I read or do something
I think that will do. Not too much, definitely things I had planned, but I need to build my promise muscle. 

In other, seemingly unrelated, news...I have made a discovery that I'm pretty sure is new to me or that I've never made the complete connection. Sugar makes me tired. And not just a little tired, but a full blown exhaustion, I need to lie down right now because I can no longer hold myself up, tired. I have had these feelings before, but quite honestly I never made the complete connection to sugar. I feel this way when I eat a lot of sugar, so that I knew, but I have discovered recently that one small piece of candy can create that feeling. That is not good. Clearly my body is not processing sugar correctly, or maybe it is and that is really how everyone feels...yikes.... So, for just one day, I will not eat any sugar. I will avoid it today and see how I feel throughout the day. 

Another thing I want to do today is to add something to my daily chores. I have keeping the kitchen clean pretty well down. I'm on top of the money by checking the bank everyday. I also did pretty well at prepping for the next day in the evenings. I dropped the ball on my PT exercises, I think I will add that back in. So nothing else, just PT. I will work to do them 5 times this week. That is my goal. More would be great. Okay, off to conquer my day. 

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