11 May 2014

Focus and clarity

It is amazing with a little focus will do for you. I had 2 assignments due today and all week I have not been able to focus on them. I would sit down to do them and just not be able to. Ugh!! I got up this morning and said to myself, enough. I will sit down and finish these two assignments. Even if they aren't very good, I will do them. Then I will develop a plan. There are only two more weeks left in my classes and I have two huge projects due. I need to devote at least a couple hours a day to them. So I sat down and finished my two assignments. In 3 hours. Wow. That really wasn't very hard at all. So now I need to clean my desk and work out a plan for getting the two huge projects done. I also have to prep for my next set of classes. I just need to focus on the task at hand and put other distractions aside. Now it's time for breakfast.

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