31 May 2014

Restart #4,509.343.562,333

Had a brief conversation yesterday with my Crossfit coach and it's been banging around inside my head ever since. I gave up on the carb nite because I was having difficulties. I was having trouble sticking to the ultra low carb after a certain point. I could do it for a while but then I would get tired and grumpy and generally feeling crappy. The coach said two things that got me to thinking. First one was what about doing 2 carb nights. I had never thought of that. I could do a Sunday and a Wednesday. They would be smaller than a regular carb nite so maybe just dessert, but I really like that idea. The other thing he asked was if I was eating enough. That thought had crossed my mind repeatedly, but I never followed through with it. When I go ultra low carb I lose my appetite, in general, not completely. Plus with the weird schedule I had at school, sometimes lunch was at 10am and other times not until 1:30pm or 2. Stupid, stupid, stupid. So I think I'm going to give it another try. If I start on Monday, I will hit my first carb night on Wednesday the 11th. I'm going to give it another try. Today I will cut back on the carbs - which I ate with abandon yesterday :( Get back to normal eating this weekend and hit the ultra low carb on Monday. And I will track all my calories and macros to make sure I am eating enough. Good plan!!!!!

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