30 May 2014


New classes for me start on Monday. I am getting ever closer to that Ph.D. and it is very exciting. Next quarter I start taking the dissertation courses and start setting up my committee. Yikes!! That means I have to start researching and writing. OMG!!! That is scary. But as I get further along the classes are getting harder and harder. Of course, I say that and yet get A's with minimal effort on my part. Last quarter was when the whole school thing happened and yet I managed to get A's in both classes. But looking at these new classes, I'm not so sure. One class has 7 books. 7!!!! Just the thought of having to read all those makes me cringe. I am trying to be proactive though. I will be starting a new school with a new class - AP chem - in August. School starts about 3 weeks before my classes end. So I need to spend my free time this summer getting all my assignments done. If I can get everything done and then just turn it in and make any corrections necessary, I will have no problem when school starts. Which means I need a plan. A solid plan that I will stick to. Starting on Sunday I am back to Crossfit full time, so that means Crossfit at 8am at least 5 days a week. That means I don't get home until after 9am, by the time I shower and eat it is 10am. I hate starting my day at 10am, but if I sit down and do school work for 2-3 hours, then have lunch, and then do some projects around the house I should be good. I just need to stick to that schedule. On the days I don't Crossfit, I will work from the time I get up for 2-3 hours and then clean house. I also need to devote some time to planning, I will add that in. I don't know. I just know that need a plan and a schedule or I will spend more time screwing off than not.

In other news, my knee felt absolutely fabulous yesterday. So good, I did not wear my knee brace all day. So, here's what happened. On Wednesday I went to Crossfit and as I was loading up a bar for deadlifts a 45# plate fell against my right leg. That would not be a problem but I heard, and felt, my ankle pop. That is the ankle I repeatedly sprain. So I was all crazy, but went ahead and did the WOD anyway. When I got home the ankle was hurting. I was walking funny because of the ankle and that was making my knee hurt. Bad. So I ended up wearing my big brace with the hinges at the knee. When I went to bed I took 4 ibuprofen because both the ankle and knee were hurting. When I got up yesterday, there was still a twinge in the ankle but the knee felt amazing and did all day. When I walked the dogs last night, I got some pain in the knee but nothing serious and it went away. So last night when I went to bed I took 4 ibuprofen and when I woke up this morning the knee felt good. I will gladly take ibuprofen before bed every single night if it will help me. But now I'm off to Crossfit to see how much it really helped. Wish me luck.

Update: I just got back from Crossfit and the WOD was squats, lunges, and box jumps - in other words lots of leg work. I can't squat very low, but did the best I could, and lunges are not the easiest. During the WOD my knee was tweaking a little bit, but I have been home now about 45 minutes and have had no brace on and the knee feels awesome. What is going on??? Does ibuprofen at night help that much? All this time I've been living in agony and that was all I needed to do?? Ugh!!!! Well, I'll keep trying it and keep doing Crossfit and see what happens.

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