12 July 2014

The end is rapidly approaching

I can not believe that this summer is almost over. When I was 'let go' I could not imagine how I would make it through the summer. Now, here we are at the end of it. The teaching world is kind of weird. I want this last chapter of my life to be over and done with, but it really won't be until I start at the new school. I'm so looking forward to that. I've been hitting the sales and stocking up on new clothes. I am going to completely reinvent myself for this new school. At the old place, there was so much negativity and dissention in the ranks, that it was easy to not really care. Not care about how you looked. Not care about how you taught. Not care about a lot of things. Just walking around the new place, it is completely opposite. Everyone has pride in the school, student and staff/faculty. Order is not only expected, but demanded. Shoot, the kids wear slacks, shirts, and ties to summer school. That right there shows a level of pride and belief in what they do, so much so they don't reduce their standards. Ever. Nice. I also really like that there are no free dress days. They are allowed to wear school polo shirts on Monday and Friday, but no free dress. That just shows that they believe enough in what they are doing that they will not lower their standards for any reason. Once you start offering free dress as an incentive for doing well, you have reduced your normal dress code to penalty status. You can't make the grade, you were the uniform. You did well and earned good grades, you get to wear whatever you like. There are many ways to look at everything, but when you are so blinded you can only see your way, this is what happens. So at the new school, everyone is allowed to wear school polo shirts on Mondays and Fridays, but it is uniform/dress code the rest of the week. Nice. This builds a sense of pride in the school.

Anyway, next week is my last week of freedom. On the 21st I start the AP institute to learn to teach AP Chem. That lasts a week. Then I have Monday off, and orientation on Tuesday, followed by meetings on Wednesday and Thursday and school on Friday. Yikes. There is so much I still want to do. Mainly paint the bathroom. I think I will tackle that on Monday. If I can get my schoolwork done, I'll start taping it on Sunday. We'll see how that goes.

Okay, enough of this. I'm off to get ready for Crossfit and kick my own butt this morning.

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