09 July 2014

Things are coming together

Last night's navel gazing post may not make a lot of sense, but it was something I needed to work out and process. It helped me a lot. Having said all that, pieces are starting to fall into place. I am greatly enjoying Crossfit again, which is good because I had lost the spark for a while there. I'm not stressing over eating, but it is going well. I'm comfortable in my own skin even if I would like there to be less of it. I'm not obsessing over it like I usually do. So it's all coming together, I'm feeling happy and loving life.

Having said all that, I can not get my act together with school. I did not finish my paper yesterday and it is due today. I don't do things until the day they are due. WTF?????So now today I have a paper, a discussion post, respond to a discussion post all due. Guess what I'll be doing today? Sitting right here on my butt working. Why can I not get things together? Oh well, something to keep working on I guess. I'll never be perfect so I should quit thinking I can be.

Now here's a horrible problem to have today, my hand is going numb. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and while I'm typing my right hand is going numb. This is not good. This will make it very difficult to do my work today. This will have to stop.

Okay, enough whining. I'm off to shower, eat breakfast and settle in for some serious writing.

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