03 August 2014

A new routine

One of the perks about my new school is that it is 10 minutes from home. 10. Minutes. I have never worked at a place so close to home. Because of this, I can go to Crossfit in the morning and walk the dogs at night. I'm very excited about that. Crossfit has a 5am class that gets me done in plenty of time to shower and make it to work. Awesome. Then my evenings are free to walk the dogs. I love walking my dogs. I haven't been able to walk them because the last 2 weeks Hubby has been working nights. But starting today I can walk them again. But all of this involves developing a new routine. To make Crossfit at 5am, I have to get up around 4am. Early, but I am an early riser so not too difficult. Although I didn't get up on Wednesday. Also, 5am Crossfit is only on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. To get my 5 workouts a week in, I have to go on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is not too bad, I usually go on Saturday anyway. Sunday though is hard. Sunday has historically been my rest day and giving that up is hard. Also, that means I do Crossfit Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I don't normally like to do it 4 days in a row, but I think I can get used to it. So this involves changing my routines and creating new ones. So that is something I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. Tonight I start adding in the dog walking. That I'm looking forward to, so that should not be a problem. And since I get home 10 minutes after I leave work, I'll be home way before I have to walk them. That will give me a chance to relax a little and switch gears.

So that is the focus this week, getting a new routine set.

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