08 August 2014

Can't seem to pick myself up

Had great plans for this week, but they didn't turn out so well. I started the week off very optimistic. Got up and went to Crossfit at 5am on Monday morning. Got to school and got ready for the day. Made it through my first couple of classes well, but in prepping for the afternoon classes, I didn't take the time to eat lunch. By 3:30pm I was completely exhausted and my feet were killing me. Came home, had a hot dog, walked the dog, and called it a night. On Tuesday I forced myself to eat lunch and I felt much better in the afternoon. Woke up on Wednesday with my knee throbbing. No Crossfit. Had a small lunch and by afternoon I was exhausted again. Didn't walk the dogs. Thursday woke up feeling good. Forced myself to eat lunch and felt fine yesterday afternoon. Didn't walk the dogs because of the rain from the coming hurricane. All these days I ended up eating crap at night. I need to break that habit. I'm going to indulge in a little navel gazing to see if I can figure this out.

I know that I am making really poor choices because I'm tired. That I understand. I also realize that I am tired because I'm back to school. I spent 3 months doing nothing, so going back to work is tough. Plus, I'm at a new school and I'm teaching different classes. All of that adds to the stress I'm under. This will all ease as I adjust to working again and get used to all the changes I've going through. Having said that, I can not give in to the desire to just ride it out and wait until I adjust. It would be so easy to just say, I'll skip Crossfit and eat whatever until I adjust to the new schedule. That will not help at all. I need to have a solid plan that will carry me through the week or so until I do adjust. That may mean going to bed really early - I'm okay with that. It also may mean wearing my knee brace for a while and taking ibuprofen regularly, because part of being excessively tired is my knee hurts. So I must have a solid plan that I follow to the letter. Part of that plan involves food. I need to come up with food that meets a number of criteria. It must be quick and easy to eat, and it must be seriously portable. I will also need to schedule short, power naps. Seriously. Until I adjust completely, short naps will be the key to getting through this. I can set my internal clock for 10 minutes and completely fall out for that amount of time. When I wake I'm generally refreshed and revived. So I need to factor some power naps in. I also need to stop eating crap. I've been eating far too much of that because I am too tired to make good choices. So that has got to go.

Okay, I have some ideas in my head now. I just need to fill in the details and come up with a comprehensive plan. I will be back later to update this post with a detailed plan.

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