02 August 2014

Finally, it is over

The last two weeks have been pretty hectic for me. First I had the AP seminar for a week. There they fed us all the time. I tried hard to not eat junk, but with it in my face for hours at a time, eventually I caved. I was not pleased with that, but what was was. Then I had a 3 day weekend - always nice, and then it was meetings, meetings, meetings for school. They fed us breakfast and lunch for three days, and lunch yesterday. The food was good and I made every effort not to go crazy, but still it was more than I wanted and not the kind of food I wanted. Plus, one of the people who run the cafeteria at school (that's where all the food came from) is an amazing baker. So each meal included some kind of dessert. And yes, I indulged. But it is over and time to move on.

The moving on began last night with dinner. I had chicken and salad. It was awesome and I felt good after eating it. I was really tired though and was in bed by 9pm. Slept really good and up at 6am to start the day. Lots to do this weekend. Assignments for my classes due and school starts on Monday so I have to have everything ready for the week. Whew. I feels good to be back to work though. I think I'm going to enjoy it at Damien.

Now though, it's time for breakfast and some school work and possibly a dip in the pool.

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