08 August 2014

Formulating a plan

When trying to make a change, my typical reaction is to just change everything. If I want to get organized I will clean and organize everything and then tell myself I will straighten up every night before bed. Well, that is highly impractical. I will do it for a night or two and then I will be really tired one night and not do it. Then the next night I may forget. Then, before I know it, things are a mess again. I know me. I know that in order to make really lasting changes, I need to take baby steps. So that's what I need to plan. Baby steps. So let's work this out.

I want to do the following:

  1.  Crossfit 5x a week
  2. eat mostly paleo - no processed food
  3. drink 100 oz of water everyday
  4. walk the dogs every night
Not that hard.I just can not just jump in completely and expect to succeed. So how can I go about this. The easiest is eating clean. I can easily do that. I can make breakfast and lunch to take to work with me everyday. That is a great place to start. I can also work on the water consumption since I bring my water bottle to school and have access to more ice and water. I can put the 5x a week Crossfit on the back burner, just for a week or so. I could go on the weekends and the mornings I feel like it. Walking the dogs I will do as often as possible.

Okay, feeling better already. For the coming week I will focus on eating. I will make breakfast and lunch and drink water like it's part of my contract. I will not force myself to go to Crossfit on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, but I will definitely go on the weekend.

This takes the pressure off of myself, and god knows I have enough pressure with the classes I'm taking and the classes I'm teaching. So, for next week the focus is on food and not the workouts. That may last for a couple of weeks, we will see how it goes. Once I have the food basically under control, I will start working on the workouts. Oh yes, baby steps. Feel so much better now.

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