27 July 2014

Lessons learned

I made some connections today. For the past few weeks, I have struggled with my Ph.D. work. It was no longer fun and interesting and had become this huge burden. I dreaded having to do things and I would generally wait until the last moment to even look at the instructions. It was horrible. Then, yesterday, I sat down and looked over the assignments that were due today. I read some stuff and did just a little bit to prep. Actually, my intention was to write the papers yesterday but something came up. When I sat down to write them this morning, they just flowed. I felt like doing my best, which I haven't felt like doing lately, and I really put some effort into them. One class has an ongoing assignment that we have been doing a little bit of every week. I opened that up and looked it over and was appalled at the work I had done. It was not up to my normal standards and I can't believe I got a B on these. They were junk. One paper I redid 8 weeks worth of work. Anyway, apparently my motivation was back. I really don't know where it went or why it left, but it is back.

This happens in living healthy too. I lost interest in Crossfit a while back. It had become a chore instead of the fun it had been before. The same things happens with healthy eating. I'll go for a while doing great, then all of a sudden I just can't be bothered. Hmmm...Do I sense a pattern?

So what have I learned? I just need to keep on moving. I may not make a lot of progress, I may not make any progress, but as long as I keep moving I will eventually reach a place where things start to look up again. So just keep moving.

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