01 November 2014

Plans Today

I just realized that most people blog in the evenings. It is usually a recap of their day or week or whatever. Me??? I like to blog in the mornings. I really am a morning person and I like blogging in the morning as a way to kind of plan out my day. Not that it matters at all, I just find it interesting. I'm apparently not like most of the world :)

Today I have plans. It seems like I have plans more and more on the weekends. Not sure if that is good or bad since I have so much school work to do. Anyway, today I am box jumping. I'm heading over to Honolulu to WOD at CFO the mothership of my box. I've only WOD'd there once and done a couple of events. Just do not go there very often at all. Well, today is the day. My friend teaches Parkour there and I've decided to take a class and check it out. I will be WODing at 9am and Parkouring at 11am. Crazy? Probably, but I'm doing it anyway. I am second guessing this decision after the episode with my back yesterday. It is still rather sore this morning. Maybe I should pass on it this week and rest my back. Lord knows I've got enough stuff to do. Hmmm...... In fact, I just canceled that. I think resting my back is a better use of my time. Plus I got tons of work to do today. Plus, I just don't feel like it. So there.

Okay, moving on. I have a bunch of school work that I need to do, so that will be the order of the day. That and napping. Oh, and watching TV. Sons of Anarchy is on Netflix. Call the Midwife. I have an episode of Walking Dead. Yeah, I will be watching a lot of TV today. That actually sounds quite inviting.

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