30 January 2015

Let's review

Tomorrow is the last day of January and the end of my first month of Project Me. I will create a month in review post, but right now I want to talk about this past week. This week was a mixture of successes and not so successful. I did learn a couple of things though.

I know that reviewing my day the night before works for me. If I take 10 minutes before I got to bed and review my schedule and plans for the next day, I am much more productive the next day. It is like my mind stores these things overnight and by the next morning it is a fact. I like that.

I know that by writing things down I am much less stressed. By making to-do lists or even just notes about what I want to do, I am much less stressed. Not only do I not worry about what I have to do, I don't worry that I'm forgetting anything. It makes life much easier.

Getting things ready the night before works for me. I don't stress in the morning trying to get things ready. I don't have to think or cook in the morning. Plus, I am more likely to make good choices when prepping my food the night before. Too often, when prep is left for the morning, I will decide to buy and that is not good.

I did not do these things every night. Towards the end of the week things started to fall apart. Yesterday I was completely exhausted when I got home and I started the day with breakfast at Starbuck's. Today I had breakfast at Burger King and I missed Crossfit because I fell asleep when I got home. And, just to make things even worse, I am behind on my school assignments and that is stressing me out completely.

So, this week was not awesome, but the problems are easy to fix. Tonight I'm going to do a little planning and then over the weekend I will write a monthly recap.

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