07 February 2015

Searching for motivation

I've been feeling lately like time is not on my side. I need time. Time to work on my prospectus. Time to work out my eating. Time. Time. Time. The one thing that is in very short supply. So instead of time, I need motivation to move my ass and make progress on all these things. So if someone has a great white, please send it over.

I'm reading the book I mentioned last post and I have to say it is making a whole lot of sense. One thing he mentions is that there is no good reason to eat every 2-3 hours and that humans should be able to skip a meal here and there with no problems. That is exactly what I found when I followed strict paleo. I got hungry but it was not that crazy I MUST EAT NOW hunger, it was more a hey, time for food. And if I didn't get to it right away it was no problem at all. That makes sense to me too because ancient humans didn't have access to food 24-7 like we did and I'm sure it was not possible to eat every 2-3 hours. He seems to take Paleo and push it a little further and it all makes sense. For example, he says that some people have no problem with dairy, so remove it completely for a month and then add it back in to see if it bothers you. That makes complete sense and is a great way to determine if you can tolerate milk.

The real reason I wanted to write this post is that I have to make a to do list to really get things done. I took off yesterday to get some stuff done and I didn't really accomplish what I wanted to. But I do want to get everything done today so that I have tomorrow free. I'm over these classes and I need to be done with them. So my to-do list for today is:

  • Crossfit 
  • Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Finish videos for class #1
  • Comment on other classes
  • Complete assignment for class #2
  • Comment on others in class #2
  • Post everything for grading. 
  • Walk the dogs
That's it. I walk the dogs around 4 pm, so that means all of this has to be done by then. None of it is terribly complicated, I just need to sit down and get it done. That is what today is focused on. No games, no tv, no nothing until this is all done. 

Okay, time to get ready for Crossfit. 

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