13 February 2015

Time for an update

This week has been pretty good. Last weekend I read a really good book about losing weight and it beginning in your head. The book lays out steps to get into the mode of weight loss slowly and not overwhelm yourself. Since I tend to try and make huge, sweeping changes and failing miserably, I decided to give it a try. Week one I was supposed to:

  1. Not eat sweets.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep a night
  3. Walk for 15 minutes every day
  4. Meditate for 3 minutes every day
That's it. I was mostly successful. I did not walk on Monday and Thursday due to conflicts in scheduling. I forgot to meditate on Wednesday, just plain forgot. So for a first week I consider it a success.

Next week, I continue this and add some to it. I have to look up exactly what I add, but it's not too crazy. 

I actually found that it was not too terribly hard to avoid sweets this week. I thought about it every day and kept telling myself no sweets. Hubby had dessert a couple of nights and I easily passed it up with no problem at all. 

Everything else is going well. I am working out and walking the dogs 66% of the time. Not great, but much, much  better than it was. Also, I missed some things due to weather and a job interview, so it was not just because I was lazy. 

I made my food on Sunday and took breakfast and lunch every day this week. 

So overall a good week. Definitely room for improvement, but as my mentor says; progress not perfection....

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