28 March 2015

First week after break

This is true after any break. Monday is usually okay, then Tuesday comes and it all falls apart. Luckily I survived and made it to the weekend. The week didn't go exactly as planned, but it was okay.

Last Sunday, a coach at Crossfit showed me a new stretch for my back. Well, it ended up throwing my back out completely and putting me out for the whole week. I could not use my left leg for anything except walking on flat ground. I had a hard time sitting on the toilet. Yesterday was the first day back and it is fine now. But that threw a wrench in things for the week. I didn't go to Crossfit or walk the dogs much. But I'm better now and that is all that matters.

Today was the last WOD of the open. 15.5 was ugly....

Rowing for calories is no joke. It is harder than you think. RX for me was 45# on the thrusters. I did better than I thought I would, 17:41. Nice.

Eating has been pretty darn good. I took my breakfast, lunch, and a snack every day. I did have some snacks when I got home, I'm hooked on popcorn, but that's about it. No crazy binges or excessive eating. So that is definitely a good week.

The one thing that happened that bums me out is that I lost track of my assignments for Walden. I thought I was being so organized and on top of things, only to find out I had overlooked something. That really upset and has caused me to sit here all day working on assignments. I have some assignments for tomorrow too. I am determined that this will not happen again. I will be writing everything in my calendar and double checking it. Also, back to every night one hour. I let that slip a little bit this week and I have paid the price.

So, gearing up for another good week. All I can do is strive to be a little bit better each week.

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