01 June 2015


I am!!! And I'm starting to feel it again. Today is the first of June and I am making a change. I have been logging my food, but I have not been focusing on what I've been eating. So today it is back to eating good food. As an interesting side note, logging without focusing on food has really been a good thing. I feel like my relationship with food has changed. I do not view any food as an enemy. I also do not find myself craving things or binge eating. Nice. I'm still eating more sweets than I would like, but still a lot less then I would before. Food is just food. I am working on removing the emotions from food and I feel like I am succeeding. I still have to watch that I eat enough, but I really feel like my relationship with food has changed and that is a good thing.

So focusing on what I eat and working to hit my numbers. More activity, in spite of my injury. Starting today I will be using the treadmill to walk on. A. Lot. I didn't get to walk the dogs yesterday because of rain, but if the weather is nice I will definitely do it today. So it's moving, moving, moving. There will be no laying around doing nothing. I can watch TV while I walk on the treadmill. I can work on my proposal while I walk on the treadmill. No more hours spent sitting on my ass. I have this before and it lasted for a day or two, but this time I really mean it. I have got to lose some weight and the only way to do that is to get, and keep, moving.

Today's agenda includes; house cleaning, shopping, prepping food, cleaning the refrig, and lots and lots of walking. So I've sat here long enough, time to get moving.

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