01 July 2015

Thinking, thinking, thinking......

This is my mind right now. There are so many thoughts floating around. So many things I want to do. So many changes I want to make. Too much thinking. This is what happens once I get myself unstuck. I was stuck for a long, long time but once I started taking control back last week, things started falling into place. I've got the money under control and a plan to continue moving forward that way. I cleaned my desk and work area, I don't think it has ever been this clean or organized. I'm not completely done, but every time I walk in here to use the computer I smile. I have started working on my proposal again. I didn't know exactly where to start with that, so I just sat down and started reading and writing. I now have a plan to move forward and to keep making progress on it. Also, once I started reading and annotating, things started to fall into place and I'm getting an idea about what I want to write. So now that things are falling into place and I have plans to keep things moving, I want to get working on other areas too. Now that I'm unstuck, I want to continue moving forward in more areas of my life.

I woke this morning with a horrible feeling in my belly. It felt huge, just huge. I did not like the way I felt and I did not eat anything until noon. I didn't even get hungry until 11. I don't like that feeling and I'm completely over it. This feeling got me to thinking about my health and fitness. I want to run. I am dying to run. I can't run yet because my foot is not 100%, but it's about 95% so it's getting close. Also, I don't want to just jump into running, that is recipe for disaster. This led to thinking about food and working out and wanting to feel better. Last time I was thin and healthy, and felt really good about myself and my body, I was working out a whole lot more than I do now. I would get up in the morning and run or bike. I would swim at night. I would ride my bike or run/walk on the weekends. I know that exercise is not THE way to lose weight, but for me it is a vital component. For me, exercising puts my mind in a healthy place; gets my metabolism pumping; and just improves my mood. The more I work out, the more these good feelings snowball and I get stronger and stronger.

I have also been noticing that I'm waking up at 4:30 the last few weeks. I wake up and then lay there until the alarm goes off at 5:00. So here's what I'm thinking. I'll start getting up at 4:30 and jumping on the treadmill and walking. If I could get 20-30 minutes in every morning, that would be awesome. Then Crossfit 5 times a week and walking the dogs a whole more than I do now. Also, I want to add in yoga or something on the days I don't do Crossfit. Hmmm....Seems a little ambitious, but totally doable. If I work out the schedule, I know I could do it. I have to put a little more thought into this, but I think I might be one to something here. Time to step things up a notch or two.

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