20 September 2015

This was a good weekend

Yesterday, after breakfast, I sat down to get a start on my dissertation and it was like the flood gates opened. I wrote 6 pages and had 4 pages of references. I was hot. This morning I did some writing also, not as much as yesterday, but some. I'm on a roll. I think I can safely say, I'm on my way. I have started a dissertation blog here. I decided that I should track my journey for myself and maybe people in the future. I plan to try and write in it two or three times a week just to keep track of what I'm doing and when things occur.

In other news, there is no other news. Tomorrow we go to mediation with the idiot neighbors and I've spend most of the afternoon getting that stuff ready. Fun...I'm over this already. My goal is o get them to leave us alone. I'm tired of their childish behavior, their creating drama that doesn't exist, and their freaking nonsense. I'm over it. The good part about that is that I have the day off. That's kind of cool. I need to go in with the attitude that they can't piss me off and I'm going to try and piss them off. Ha ha ha.......

Okay, just wanted to touch base and check in. Almost dinner time and I'm getting hungry.

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