24 June 2016


That's me trying to create a state of zen in a sea of chaos. So let's see what is happening 2 days after my last post.

Axl is on antibiotics and is feeling much, much better. We had pretty much decided that he would not be making the journey with us and now he's feeling a whole lot better. Ugh!!!! Of course, just because he's feeling better doesn't mean he is better. Yesterday he still wasn't peeing and pooping much. We'll see how today goes. The good news is, we can change our minds at the last minute. We are going to wait and see how he reacts to the antibiotics.

As far as the mortgage, I have no idea where that stands, but I have mentally given up on it. We have a place to stay for the month of July in AZ, so we will stay there and look for a house to rent. I'm actually kind of okay with that part. I guess because in the overall scheme of things is it not that major a set-back. I'm taking the whole no news is good news approach though :)

Tomorrow we move out of here and into the hotel for 2 days. Then we fly out on Monday. Exciting and scary at the same time. Today i need to book a rental car and hotels along the way for us to stay. We are staying in the Bay Area when we arrive on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we are driving over to see Jennifer and stay there for the night. Then Thursday we are driving down to LA and staying outside of LA Thursday night. Finally, on Friday, we will drive into Phoenix and claim our rental house. So exciting. So much fun.

In many ways the stress has lifted. We are so close to the actual move. Things are falling into place and I think we have everything lined up for the trip. Tonight is the party at the racquet club and Hubby's last night of work. Tomorrow we have lots to do cleaning this place out and moving to the hotel. Sunday is a cruise day, then Monday we check out and wait to leave. Hurry up and wait.....

Okay, time to get this day started.

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