23 July 2016


We closed on the house yesterday. Woot Woot. We did run into a few minor problems with the seller. When we went for the final walk thru the pool was like a duck pond. That was disheartening. And the seller's agent said the seller stopped taking her calls. Sounds like a class act. Anyway, we got a pool guy in and he cost $495 to get the pool back into shape. Turned out the filters were torn, so all the diatomaeous earth in the filter system was just leaking into the pool making it cloudy and gross. The pool guy got new filters and replaced them and all should be good now.

We are spending the last night in the vacation rental. Tomorrow we move into the new house. There will be no Internet until Tuesday, but oh well, we'll live. Also our furniture doesn't get delivered until Wednesday, but we have some chairs and a bed, it will be fine. There are lots of minor things that need to be done around there. The ac filters need to be changed. Some light bulbs are burnt out and some general cleaning needs to be done. We went today and bought some pots and pans, dishes, and general stuff to get us through until the POD gets here. I keep meaning to call to find out when it will be here but I keep forgetting. I'll try and call on Monday.

Okay, I'm tired and ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

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