08 June 2017


Not my pool, but it could be.

Nearing the end of my 3rd week of vacation and I have to say, it is nice. Going to bed when I want to. Getting up when I want to. Doing pretty much what I want to during the day. Love it.... I have not gotten as much done at this point as I had hoped, but frankly, I don't care. I have spent some time doing some serious relaxing and getting back to myself and that is fabulous. I've spent a lot of time in the pool. Lots of time watching TV and reading. Absolutely fabulous.

But I do need to start getting serious about getting some things done. If I keep up at this rate I will have nothing done and it will be time for school to start again. I do have curriculum maps for all my classes done, which is really awesome. I want to get some notebooks/binders set up and have lessons for the first 2 weeks for all my classes. That's really not that hard, I just need to buckle down and get it done. If I can get that much done, I will be happy, but I also may be able to do a little more. That would be awesome. So, yeah, that's where I'm at with that.

I'm making progress in my exercise routine. I've been to Planet Fitness 3 times so far this week - yay, me!!! and I've walked in the morning twice this week. Awesome!!! Progress!!! What I don't understand is why I will do things for others but not myself. I want, and need, to do these things, but I will let them slide in favor of doing things for others. Really, really need to stop that crap.

I thought I felt like writing, but I don't really, so I'm going to close now. Maybe tomorrow :)

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