28 October 2017

Making progress

Well, I've been on AltShift almost 6 weeks now and things are going well. I have finally completely accepted the fact that I can't rush this. I have to take it slow and I must, must, must have a good base from which to work. That is what I'm working on now - my base. I'm am working on making 10,000 steps, meditation, 8 hours sleep, and eating the right foods everyday iron clad habits. I'm doing really well on that front, but they are still not rock solid and I want them to be. But I'm getting there. I have devoted the last few weeks to getting all this behavior locked in and I'm really close to doing just that. It has been a huge help having the AltShift Activate group and I think I'm going to do another round. I've made huge strides towards getting this nailed down and I really do not want to lose my momentum. I'm afraid if I end now, I will lose the momentum I have gained and slip back into old habits. I'm feeling too damn good to let that happen.

So I am feeling amazing. I have been walking back and forth to school and that is so awesome. I have lost some inches because clothes fit me better then they did a couple of weeks ago. I'm really feeling amazing. Happy. Mostly energetic. Much more positive outlook and I don't beat myself up anymore. That is so amazing. I could beat myself up for not doing this sooner, but I don't beat myself up anymore. No emotions. I do something that doesn't work and I learn from it, I do not get upset. So things are going well and I'm feeling better than I have in a long, long time. Can't ask for more than that.

It is now Saturday morning, I'm not sure when I started this, but it's been awhile. I did something completely amazing yesterday. I not only meditated in the morning but I got my 10,000 steps in. Woo hoo!!! This morning I have already meditated and am going to get my 10,000 steps in today too. Yesterday I didn't start trying until 4 pm. Today I'm going to start earlier. I don't want to cram them in before bed, I want to have them done by dinnertime.

Yesterday a friend, well I say friend but she's really an acquaintance, arrived from Hawaii and brought me this:

Is this not gorgeous? Right now, you can only get these at one store in Hawaii. She was nice enough to pick one up before she left and carry it with her to me yesterday. So we met her in Tempe, bought her lunch and talked trash about Hawaii. It was fun. She's moving to Boise but her son lives here in Phoenix.

That was my amazing day yesterday. Today is also going to be awesome. I'll check back later.

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