09 March 2018

Spring Break has arrived

Finally. Truthfully, it came up kind of quick. Which scares me for remaining 9 weeks. I'm afraid those may be slow. Long. Painful. I'm hoping not. I'm hoping that I can plan some things I will look forward to and therefore make it not so painful. I'll try.

But this is not my teacher blog. This is my health and fitness blog. On that note, I plan to do a bit of hiking this break. I want to go to the gym 2 times and hike the rest. So that should be good. We got tickets for a baseball game. That should be fun. And I want to go to the library and get free passes to some places like the zoo and botanical gardens. I want to go check them out. So I think it will be a good break. I need to remain active and not let lazy take over.

I'm starting AltShiftLift today and I'm freaking out slightly. Not completely sure why, but I am. I guess it's just that I haven't really been to the gym in 6 months. I'm starting a new gym and I don't really know the place. That being said, I'm still doing it today. Only the first time will be scary. So that is the plan today. The rest of the day I plan to chill. Yeah!!!

I guess that's it for now. I'm going to figure out what I'm doing and head off to the gym to get it done. Wish me luck.

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