24 March 2018

Today we pick up Maverick

After much gnashing of teeth, a couple of sleepless nights, and a Hubby who hates when things change, we have decided to get another dog. This is Maverick. Maverick is with the border collie rescue. He is part border collie and they think part Husky. He is tall but light - 45# - and very calm and mellow. On Thursday night we met him and his foster dad at a park and the girls really took to him right away. There was a little growly action, nothing serious, and then they were all friends. We walked them around and they all walked together like they've been doing it for years. My girls are very calm and he is very calm. I've pretty well gotten over the whole HOA thing. Seriously, no one ever sees us. We hardly see our neighbors. Plus, I will just tell them we are dog-sitting for an extended period. I've decided I'm okay with lying because it's a stupid rule. So I'm excited about that. I already have him signed up for obedience training classes. They start next month and are near the house. I'm excited to work with a dog again. He came from Tuba City and is a reservation dog. So we really don't know his background but he is pretty chill and that's the important thing.

We are picking him up today and then going to a dog event and then out to lunch at a dog-friendly place. He was supposed to go to an adoption event, and he's been to other events, so I think it will be okay. Plus we can tire him out before bringing him home. Tomorrow we are having a party here, at least I think we are so he will get to meet some more people and dogs. Oh yeah, and there is the dog park in the morning. We are just jumping right in with him. But I think he will fit rather seamlessly into our lives, that's the kind of dog we wanted and he seems like he will. I want to take him hiking. But we kind of have full days this weekend so I'm not sure that will happen. But next weekend for sure.

So I'm very strange in that while I like change, I really like change, I'm always nervous about it because I'm also a control freak. I have to know what's going to happen when. So bringing a new dog into the house always causes me anxiety, which is probably why I got up at 4:30 this morning. Though, I did sleep really, really well.

Okay, enough Maverick talk. I'll post when we get him.

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