06 June 2018

Mental Health is a precarious thing

I tend towards depression. I truly believe that about 12-13 years ago I fell into a deep depression. I really did not care about anything. I stopped caring about keeping the house clean or doing anything good for myself because I felt it was all useless anyway. Then we went on vacation, our truck caught fire and we got evicted and weird as it sounds, that caused me to snap out of my depression.  I was forced by circumstances to make a change and that change resulted in my being snapped out of my depression. Once I realized what was wrong, I realized that I needed to pay close attention in order to not get dragged down again. Since then, I have been depressed a time or eight, but as soon as I realize what is happening I take actions to counter it. Also, and I think it's because I'm more aware, I try not to let it happen. Well, it happened. Ever since school got out I've been a little off. My last couple of posts are how I haven't been able to get my steps in or how things were not going as planned. These are signs that I'm letting depression get to me. Also, I stopped filling out my planner  - a sure sign of depression. I was using a bullet journal but I know myself and that was just an excuse for not using my planner. So that's all over. I filled out my planner today and I'm going to do the things I set out to do. Today is the last day of feeling all mopey and saddish.

I read something a long time ago that said you should get up and get dressed every day - all the way down to your shoes. So I'm going to take that advice. I spend most days in a bathing suit and I think I need to set limits on that. So I'm going to get up, shower, and dress in the mornings. After walking the dogs, I'm going to create a to-do list and then get to doing.  I have a whole lot I want to accomplish this summer and we are already 3 weeks gone. I need to get my butt moving. So starting tomorrow, things will be different. I am determined to be successful this summer.

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I'm done

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