19 July 2018

So many things to do

 and yet I've done nothing. I mean that's not completely true. I have been very busy working on crafts. Not walking or sleeping or meditating or working on school stuff, but still busy. Does that count? Of course, I am now days away from returning to school and have tons to do. Ugh!!! Oh well, it will get done or it won't, either way, it will work out.

Hubby has been gone for the last week. He drove with a friend to Portland, stayed there for a couple of days, then went to visit a friend in Olympia for a couple of days. He just got back last night. While he was gone I was very lazy. I took naps when I felt like it. I worked on crafts instead of school work. And I hung out in the pool. It was nice, but I am paying the price now. I have tons to do and not much time to do it. Oh well, such is life.

AltShift is doing the last Activate. He has decided to end it to focus on other things and it starts this Sunday. I am thinking of doing it just to get my head back in the game and on the straight and narrow. I've been doing pretty well, but things can always be better. I also think with my return to school and structure, I should be able to get my act back together and get on with losing some fat. I'm actually doing fairly well over the summer. I'm not walking enough, but once I'm walking back and forth to school that will change. Food has been pretty good, though more beer than I should have. But, and probably most important, I'm not beating myself up. I'm making conscious choices and living with them. Now I don't always have a good reason for the choice, but at least I'm very, very aware and know what I'm doing.  This is so much better than just doing something automatically without any thought.

Well, it's time to get moving and decide how I'm going to use this day. I have lots to do, I just need to decide what to do first.

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